The Dress Mess

The dress.

Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of it. I don’t exaggerate when I say, the whole world has. You might know it as simply ‘the dress’ or ‘white and gold or blue and black’ or even ‘the dress that broke the internet’. More often than not, people will know what you’re talking about.

Friday morning (before the bell even rang), this debate was up and roaring throughout the halls of school.3012a-the2bdress

Next thing you know, teachers are leading debates in classes, polls are being taken, and the picture is trending. It was then I realized that this wasn’t someone’s homecoming picture gone wrong.

It took all of half an hour for the internet to work its magic. Celebrity tweets, arguments on popular news channels and scientific explanations only helped expand its popularity. Amazing, isn’t it? How something so seemingly trivial becomes one of the biggest yet transitory discussions on the internet.

What are the professionals saying?

Everyone sees things differently. Individual wavelengths don’t have color so in the case of the dress, some of us interpret those wavelengths as blue and black and others as white and gold.

What’s probably got the world so worked up about this dress is the vast difference in colors that we are perceiving. It’s incredible that, in reality, the dress is actually blue and black but a majority of people see the white and gold.


This has gotten so much attention that major companies, food chains and stores have used ‘the dress’ to advertise themselves.

Personally, I see white and gold. To me the black is non-existent. But ask around (if you haven’t already). I’m sure you’ll get some pretty weird answers.

But from past experience, this isn’t going to last for long. Sooner or later, the dress will inevitably be travelling down the same path as #alexfromtarget or the last iPhone.










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